Considerations Regarding Tipping A Car Transport Driver

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Companies like Wrightway Auto Carriers help you out in the process of moving your car from Point A to Point B. As you start choosing which car hauler to transport your vehicle, one question that might pop into your mind is whether you should tip the driver who delivers it. There's no hard-and-fast-rule answering this question, so consider relevant factors and then make a decision that seems reasonable.

First, Ask the Transport Service

It's possible that the car hauling service you choose does not want customers to tip the drivers, but many companies state that tipping is optional. If you cannot find the information on the website, give the service a call and ask to speak to the owner or a manager. That person can give you the definitive answer as to whether tipping is even allowed.

Consider a Related Occupation 

People often tip employees of household moving services, especially those working for small businesses. Since car hauling is a type of moving service, tipping can make sense. 

Provide a "Thank You" for Outstanding Service

If the driver provides a service that's not required, tipping is a fine way of saying "thank you." For example, if they arrive in your town an hour after regular delivery hours, there's probably no company requirement to make the delivery until the next day. If the driver does deliver the vehicle then and there, it's a convenience for you. This driver went the extra mile, so to speak. 

Consider Ways to Tip

Unlike tipping in restaurants and pubs, it's not advisable to add your tip to a credit or debit card payment, or to a personal check. The office manager or business owner may not understand that you meant for the extra amount to go to the driver. Provide the tip in cash if you're giving money.

If you're not entirely comfortable about giving money to the driver, you might provide something other than cash. The driver will likely appreciate a big fruit basket or a box containing numerous bags of trail mix, for instance, since they provide convenient snacks for road trips. Another possibility is a gift card to a chain restaurant that has convenient meals for traveling, such as burgers or sub sandwiches. 

Decide How Much to Tip

Since there are no authoritative guidelines regarding tipping transport drivers, you'll probably have to decide for yourself what amount is reasonable. The standard 15-percent tip expected in restaurants doesn't necessarily apply when you've spent $500 or more to ship your vehicle. Nevertheless, even $20 or $30 in cash, or in the form of a gift card or snack food, will be appreciated by the driver.