Newbie Event Planners: Ensuring Your First Party Bus Event Is A Success

Posted on: 18 January 2016

Are you planning your first party bus experience with paying passengers? If so, there are a few things you can do as the event planner to ensure that your excursion goes as smoothly as possible, which can result in you getting more party planning offers. Perhaps you are thinking that there is not much that could go wrong since you are planning to have reliable and safe transportation. The following are things that you can do to ensure party goers do not feel sour about their experience.


Having an itinerary is not a fancy detail that is optional. You are in business to plan events for others to be entertained. An itinerary will give people a glimpse into what they can expect during the ride, prepare them for stops along the way, and give them an estimated time of when the event will end. This can also improve customer satisfaction. For example, if you are planning to go to one club, people who are interested in club or bar hopping could look at the itinerary and decide whether or not this is the right event for them rather than getting disappointed in the future. 


When you start to advertise the event and garner interest, it is important to start looking for a party bus resource. Be prepared to pay a deposit, and do not wait until the last minute because you may find out the party bus you want is booked. Inquire about whether your deposit is negotiable. For example, you may be able to pay a flat rate deposit even if you are not officially sure which vehicle you are renting or the number of people attending. 

Payment Terms

You do not want to get stuck paying for the party bus alone. This is why you need to establish clear payment terms with people who express interest in your event. For example, requiring non-refundable deposits ensures that even if a few people change their minds, you will have some funding secured for the total cost of the party bus rental. Avoid waiting till the event is over to enforce money collection. If they have not paid in full, do not allow them to board.

Ensure you use good business practices for people who pay in full in advance and change their minds. This means that you should return the excess money paid. Consider establishing a final date to pre-pay. This ensures that you can book the correct sized bus without worries of a rental not being available. The party bus rental provider, like Bolt Transportation, can give you a good idea of how much time in advance you need to book to ensure you get the bus you need.