5 Mistakes To Avoid When Renting A Limousine For A Winter Wedding

Posted on: 22 January 2016

A winter wedding can be complicated by inclement weather. However, you can make your ceremony beautiful with limo rental even at the coldest time of the year by avoiding the following five wintertime limo rental mistakes:

Not looking ahead for the weather forecast in the week before your wedding

It's hard to think of everything in the mad rash of planning right before your wedding, but you definitely don't want to forget keeping an eye on the weather report.

If you're going to have some snow or freezing rain, you'll want to make sure that the limo is ready. Limos can be rigged up with snow chains to maximize safety, so call your limo service —like Millanio Limo — and ask about them if you're concerned about a bit of precipitation on the forecast. 

Not reserving far in advance

Don't make the mistake of assuming that limo companies won't be busy in the winter. Limo companies could always potentially be busy, so reserve far in advance. 

Another consideration is whether or not certain limo rental companies will even be operating at the coldest times of the year. Depending on your geographic location, some companies might close up shop until the warmer months arrive. Therefore, you'll want to reserve well in advance to find a company that will be renting on your winter wedding date. 

Making the limousine ride excessively long

If you live in a place where winter weather could create hazardous roadway conditions, you might want to try to minimize the length of your limo ride. 

If you need to take a fairly long drive after your ceremony but you insist on having a limo, consider driving the limo from your church or wedding ceremony location to a drop off spot. There, you can switch from your limo to another vehicle that can take you to the airport or another faraway destination. 

Having an inexperienced chauffeur do the driving

If you're renting a limo in the wintertime, driver experience is important. While your limo can handle the drive even in snowy conditions, practice makes perfect when it comes to handling such a bulky vehicle on slippery roadways. Request for an experienced driver so that you feel comfortable that you'll be in good hands even if inclement weather hits. 

Planning for limo placement only hours before your wedding

Planning for limo placement in front of your church or wedding ceremony location is always important, but it's especially important if there might be some plowed snow or slush on the roadway or in the parking lot. 

Check out your wedding venue on the morning of your ceremony before the limo arrives to make sure that there's an appropriate area where you can be picked up after you take the vows.