Renting And Riding On A Party Bus: What You Can And Cannot Bring With You

Posted on: 25 January 2016

In most parts of the country, there are companies that rent "party buses" for your celebratory events. If you have never rented a party bus, you might be wondering what items you can bring onto the bus, and whether or not the rules are anything like those on regular buses. The rules on a party bus are different, but there are still some limitations regarding items you can bring onto these rented modes of transportation. Here are some typical rules and allowances.

Snacks and Beverages Are Permitted

Where most city buses and travel buses disallow food and beverages on the bus, party buses are much more lax on this particular rule. Some companies even provide snacks and drinks for all of your guests, but disallow separate carry-ons. Other companies may allow bagged and packaged snacks to be carried onto the party bus, but not hot, cooked or messy/drippy/greasy snacks. It just depends on the company from which you rent your party bus. Usually, wine, champagne and/or certain types of beer may be provided at an additional cost and upon customer request.

Alcohol Is Permitted ONLY If Everyone Is of Legal Age

Most party bus companies will allow alcohol on the bus, but ONLY if everyone riding is of legal drinking age. Since these companies assume responsibility for all passengers, it can become a major liability lawsuit if underage passengers are present and consume alcohol, or are present with alcohol. The laws vary slightly from state to state, but if you plan to have alcohol on board, underage party guests will probably need to ride in a separate vehicle.

Guns and Open Carry Laws

Many states have recently adopted "open carry" gun laws that allow adults to carry weapons on their persons and in public places. While you or members of your group may retain that right, the bus rental companies also retain the right to refuse armed passengers onto their buses and in their limos, especially if alcohol will be present. Some companies may completely disallow you to board if you or someone with you has a weapon, alcohol or no alcohol. For everyone's safety, and to avoid unnecessary delays, most companies will ask that you leave your guns at home. (The only exception to this rule is if you have hired an armed bodyguard, and the bodyguard and his or her gun go everywhere you go. Just be sure to clear this rare situation with the transportation company before your bodyguard boards the party bus with you.)