A Quick Guide To The Differences Between Taxis & Car Services

Posted on: 29 January 2016

If you need to get somewhere in the big city and you don't have your own vehicle, outside of public transportation, your primary choices are using a car service or a taxi service. Here is a quick contrast between a car service and a taxi service to help you figure out which service suits your needs the best.

The Vehicles Are Different

Most taxis you will see on the road are older models. They are not the newest vehicles on the market. They tend to be the standard model of vehicles instead of the luxury or sports edition. They are generally marked on the outside as a taxi and have a taxi light on top of them.

A car service's fleet, on the other hand, is often composed of new vehicles as well as classic vehicles. You are more likely, for example, to get picked up by a vehicle that came out within the last five years and is either a sports or luxury edition when you use a car service. 

The Amenities Are Different

The amenities tend to be different as well. Most taxi services do not offer you any extra amenities; they just get you to your destination.Inside of the taxi, the focus is on providing you with a basic place to sit. You should have a place to sit and access to a seat belt. 

On the other hand, most car services offer a variety of amenities. When you get into the vehicle, you are more likely to encounter leather seats. You may be able to change the air, open the windows and control the radio in a car service vehicle. 

They may offer you a complimentary newspaper if you are riding with them in the morning. They may offer you a variety of different satellite news and music choices. Additionally, they may provide you with bottled water or other beverages during your ride. The amenities they provide are there to make the experience more relaxing for you.

The Hiring Process Is Different

Most taxi services operate on-demand. That means they go and pick up the first person who calls them or the first person that they see trying to hail a taxi on the side of the road. If you are in a pinch and need to get somewhere, a taxi service is generally the way to go. Most have large enough fleets that they can quickly pick you up anywhere within their operating range and get you to where you are going. On-demand taxi services focus on keeping their taxi full and in use as much as possible.

Most car services require reservations. You need to call ahead of time and schedule the car service to pick you up. You can use a car service just for a single ride, or you can have it provide you with transportation all day long. Most car service drivers are not worried about when they are going to pick up their next passenger; they are more focused on your experience. Occasionally, car services will pick someone up on-demand, but only if they are not busy with regular customers. 

Both car services and taxis get you to where you need to go; the experience is just different. Use this guide to determine which type of service you need to use. For more information, contact companies like East Coast Driver Solutions.