Three Things To Know About Tipping For Package Delivery

Posted on: 3 February 2016

When you've been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a package you ordered, it's an exciting feeling to hear the doorbell ring and see a delivery truck sitting in your driveway. This moment of glee can quickly turn to hesitation as you panic about whether you should tip the package delivery driver and, if so, exactly how much you should give. As with any situation, you'll feel less concern if you take the time to conduct a little research ahead of time. By familiarizing yourself with these three things to know about the tipping process, you won't have anything get in the way of your excitement when your package arrives.

Day-To-Day Tipping Isn't Necessary

In general, you shouldn't feel an obligation to tip the driver who delivers your package. Delivery services don't typically expect their customers to provide tips, so you won't encounter an awkward moment if you choose not to tip the driver. If you're thinking about tipping under exceptional circumstances -- perhaps it's a snowstorm on the day your package is due to arrive and you want to give the driver a smile -- it's advantageous to first call the delivery service and confirm if it has a tipping policy. Many delivery services, including the United States Postal Service, have tipping policies that prevent drivers from accepting cash.

Holiday Tipping Is OK

If you get a number of packages delivered throughout the year and commonly find yourself face to face with the same delivery person, you might develop somewhat of a friendly relationship. If so, you can think about tipping the driver over the holidays as a way of saying thanks for his or her care over the course of the year. Many delivery companies permit holiday tipping with certain restrictions. Commonly, companies don't allow their drivers to accept cash gifts. As such, it's ideal to give something such as a gift card or perhaps some holiday baking. If you want to be sure of the company's holiday-tipping guideline, it's beneficial to call your local office in advance of the driver's arrival.

Beyond Tipping

Whether or not you've chosen to tip, you can take the time to contact the driver's manager and share any experiences with the driver if you're exceptionally pleased. Whether you call or send an email, be as specific as possible -- for example, write how the driver is consistently friendly with you or had to brave poor road conditions to deliver your package on time. While this approach might not be the same as a tip, it can be beneficial as it could help the driver get a raise during a future pay negotiation in the future.

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