Four Types Of Owner Operator Jobs That You Can Start From Home

Posted on: 11 February 2016

Like most Americans, you have probably given up on the idea of finding a job that works around your life and pays well. If you are also looking at starting a business from home, owner operator jobs might be the right fit for you. Most of these jobs involve vehicles and transportation of some type, but you could make a steady income and still work the hours you want to work. Here are four types of owner operator jobs you can start from home.

Taxi Service

Taxis are a constant need, especially in big cities or cities that have an airport. You could also specialize in the type of taxi service you want to provide (e.g., taxi service for the elderly, the disabled, children, etc.). Since you would only need your own car, business/auto insurance and a commercial driver's license to start, this might be a very good jump-off point for you. As the business sees more profits, you can add more cars and hire a few extra drivers.

Private Car Service

There are a couple of very popular car services out there right now. Customers can book a ride via an app or call the number of these companies. The company you choose to work for contacts you with possible clients/customers for you to pick up and you select which ones you can provide service for. Even though you are an independent contractor, finding customers is handled by the company. You drive your own car, you create your own work schedule, and you never have to build up your "freelance" car service because the rest of the business is managed by the company. The riders in your vehicle pay you directly, and then you pay a small fee to the company to utilize their name and technology.

Limo Service

If the sound of driving passengers around for money appeals to you but you want something more upscale and long-lasting, you can start a limo service. You will probably have to secure a small business loan or funding because most people do not have a limo or two just parked in their driveways. However, your office and where you park your vehicles can still be at your home. Limo companies make very good money, especially at certain times of the year (convention season, prom season, Valentine's Day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc.).

Rental Truck Service

This is probably the most expensive venture of all, since you will need several trucks of various lengths to start and you will need plenty of space to park them. While you can still take rental reservations online and over the phone from home, you will need a separate business location just to park the trucks. However, your rental trucks have many different applications such as moving people's possessions, moving large objects to storage or donation stores, etc., and therefore you should have no trouble making a good income from home.