Buying A Car With A Diesel Engine? Tips To Keep It Running For A Long Time

Posted on: 23 February 2016

 You have made a good choice if you are buying a car that has a diesel engine. This type of engine has many benefits, including saving money on gas and is more durable. To keep your diesel engine running as long as you can, follow the tips below.

Monitor the Engine

You need to monitor the gaskets on your diesel engine closely, as they are completely exposed. Torque the mounting bolts at regular intervals to prevent leakage.  You also need to monitor the coolant hoses, as they can deteriorate quickly if they are not secure. They tend to come loose from engine vibrations. If you replace one leaky gasket, go ahead and replace the rest of them, as if one is leaking the others may start leaking soon also.

Keep an Eye on the Engine Air Filtration

Diesel engines use a lot of air so you need to pay close attention to the air filtration. To make this easy, you can purchase a plastic indicator at an auto parts store that is placed on the side of the air filter. The indicator will change color when the filter becomes dirty.

Change the Oil Filter

Carbon and sulfur residue can build up on the oil filter when the fuel does not burn completely.  When you change the filter, refer to your vehicle owner's manual to be sure you install the right type. Using synthetic oil for your engine can help with this, as it has additives in it that help resist build up on the filter.

Be Careful in Winter

When the temperature gets below freezing, the diesel fuel will start to gel up.  Gelling is the process where the wax present in diesel fuel becomes cold and then freezes. Once this happens, it will cause the fuel system components to start clogging up. You can take care of this problem by using fuel that has additives. These additives use a chemical that dissolves the wax, which prevents the gelling process. Refer to your car's owner's manual to determine the proper amount of additive to add to your vehicle.

Avoid Prolonged Idle

Avoid prolonged idling of your diesel engine. You may do this a lot in the winter to keep your car warm when you are stopped. When your engine has to run longer when the temperatures are low, the piston wall will have insufficient lubrication, which can cause piston scoring.

Talk with a diesel mechanic, who can give you many more tips on keeping the engine in good shape.