The Need For Ensuring You Have The Right Trucking Highway Permit

Posted on: 30 September 2019

As you are preparing to make a haul with your commercial truck, you'll need to make sure to obtain the right trucking highway permit for this trip. Otherwise, there are some serious problems and consequences that may follow as a result of failing to have the right permit for the trip. Making a strong effort to adhere to all of the required permit regulations will allow you to avoid these issues.

Avoid Potentially Expensive Fines And Delays

One assumption that some drivers may hold is that they will not have to worry about penalties as a result of failing to have the correct permit for their load. Often, this is based on the belief that there will be no enforcement methods to verify that a trucker's permit matches their cargo. However, there are several steps in this process where this may occur. If you are found to be in violation, you could be fined as a result. However, this is not the only potential penalty as you may also face significant delays. This can occur as you may be unable to proceed until you have obtained the right permit for your load.

Mitigate Wear To The Roads

Individuals will often fail to appreciate all the benefits that the trucking permitting process can offer. In particular, individuals may overlook the fact that these permits can limit the paths that trucks are able to take, and this will have the result of reducing the amount of wear that the roads experience. For example, there are weight restrictions for bridges and overpasses. Depending on your permit, you will need to take a path that avoids bridges that have weight limits below your permit. Luckily, modern route planning and tracking software can make it easy for commercial drivers to identify the most efficient route that their truck can take with their particular permit.

Protect Your Livelihood

If a driver is found to have a pattern of routinely violating permitting requirements and other rules, it can become increasingly difficult for them to find work. This is due to the fact that the employer for the driver may be liable for some of these fines and other expenses. Independent drivers need to be especially mindful of this as they will always need to obtain their own permits. As a result, making sure to always have the right permit for your load will help you with avoiding citations that could make being hired in the future more difficult for you.