4 Ways To Reduce Billing Adjustments When Shipping Via Freight Carrier Service

Posted on: 15 July 2020

When you ship via a freight carrier service, you are responsible for measuring and weighing your shipment, and conveying that information to your freight carrier service. Billing adjustments most occur when their differences are detected between your order information that you sent to the freight carrier and what the freight carrier itself reports when they inspect your shipment. Billing adjustments can also occur when you add on additional services that were not included in your original order.
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Three Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Working With A Less Than Truckload Broker

Posted on: 30 December 2019

Many larger companies have no problem sending out entire truckloads of products on a regular basis. If your business is a little smaller, though, you might find that you can't always ship out an entire truckload of product at one time. In fact, this might be a problem that you find yourself dealing with on a regular basis. If this is the case, consider working with a less than truckload broker.
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Renting A Charter Bus For Your Group

Posted on: 12 November 2019

When you are facing the need to move a large number of people, a charter bus can be the most economical way of getting everyone to the destination without having to break up the group. This is especially important for groups that are attending time-sensitive events, as late-arrivals could miss out on important parts of the event. Choose A Bus With Amenities For Long Trips The length of the trip should always be one of your primary concerns when renting a charter bus.
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The Need For Ensuring You Have The Right Trucking Highway Permit

Posted on: 30 September 2019

As you are preparing to make a haul with your commercial truck, you'll need to make sure to obtain the right trucking highway permit for this trip. Otherwise, there are some serious problems and consequences that may follow as a result of failing to have the right permit for the trip. Making a strong effort to adhere to all of the required permit regulations will allow you to avoid these issues.
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